To be mailed to all constituents in City of Darebin North East Ward, with ballot papers on 6th October 2020.


Now more than ever, strong leadership matters. While we overcome the challenges of 2020, Local Government must steer away from party politics and get on with allowing the community to reinvigorate. If elected as your Councillor I will deliver a budget that stimulates economic growth, generates jobs, drives major infrastructure, improves community services and increases tourism to Darebin. As a self-employed professional and passionate Darebin business owner, I have experienced first-hand the financial, social and emotional strains many have felt in recent times. In promoting economic growth, I will focus on fast tracking support for households and businesses through relief rollouts and grants which will facilitate the rebuild of the micro economy and create job opportunities for our community. I will strongly advocate for new public events bringing the community closer, better cycling infrastructure including repair stations, a community safety framework, enhanced amenities, saving parklands, cleaner streets, implementing a graffiti tag register, improved traffic management, fairer parking, affordable housing, appropriate and sustainable development, increased services for the aged and those with disabilities, and more childcare and kinder places. Key projects I will pursue as Councillor include a new library service for Kingsbury/Bundoora, upgrade to Reservoir Leisure Centre, new boathouse at Edwardes Lake and establishing an emergency fire plan, flood safety plan and drainage upgrade at Springthorpe Estate. My skills acquired in the strategic financial services and risk management arenas will serve to optimise delivery on these important policies, giving you better value for your investment in rates. I pledge to apply this expertise for you, as your Councillor, and if elected to be your reliable independent voice on Council. For more information visit For a vibrant, safe and harmonious City of Darebin, Vote [1] Adam Cursio, [2] Bryony Edwards, [3] Dave Lee and the rest in any order.